Landing Pages – How To Create A Lean, Mean Lead-Generation Machine!

Landing pages are THE most widely used tool these days to attract new leads and new potential customers into your internet marketing business. New potential customers are excited by freebies, and they kind of expect something free in return for their time these days!

We LOVE giving away freebies! They are a great chance for us to showcase our brand. And also for potential customers to see what we have to offer and to sample our products, courses and training. You can even give away your affiliates’ freebies too.

In fact, how landing pages are set up and marketed is SO important for your success as an internet marketer, that we have decided to compile a short list of top tips for running a highly successful landing page to get you on your way!

Create A Plan

This is the most vital part that people miss. They create a landing page and drive traffic to it to get sign ups, only to realize after people signing up that they have no products to sell and no freebies to give out to their email list – and no plan for how to get any!

It is imperative that you have a business plan in place, know what niche you are in, and know what you are actually selling to your list before you build the list. Otherwise you could spend a whole lot of money and time building the list to find out that you actually want to be in another niche, and all your time will be wasted.

Make sure to get this sorted before you move on to actually marketing your business. You need to get the solid foundation sorted before inviting people over!

Make Sure That There Are No Distractions

On of the most important things to conform to when creating your landing page is to make sure that there are no distractions on the page. These distractions slow down or stop the potential customer taking the action that you want them to do on the page – sign up!

How To Create a Highly-Converting Landing Page - The Internet Marketing PlaceAbove is one of our squeeze pages. As you can see, all the potential customer can do when landing on this page is download the freebie (and sign up to our email updates), or click off the page. You will find that you get far higher conversions if you minimize the risk of them doing anything else except signing up! The initial page should be set solely to capture their details.

Quick Tip: In the box for where the customer puts their email, make sure that you ask for the customer’s best email address. This will save your list being populated with a load of email addresses that are hardly ever checked!

The Thank-You Page

Having a landing page set up with email auto-responders pre-prepared to send out emails to new signups is all about creating the ‘pipeline’ that the customer passes through, and creating the perfect customer experience.

You want your customer to feel at ease with your system, and for them to pass through without hassle or not knowing what to do next, or what is happening next.

The Thank-You page details what to do next, and assures the customer of the process to follow. If you don’t lay the path ahead for them, then they certainly won’t do it for themselves!

YH thank you page

Above is one of our thank-you pages. Notice that it just details the next steps to take for the customer, and makes them feel good for signing up to your list. Remember to conform to K.I.S.S when making a pipeline for your customer – Keep It Simple Stupid! 🙂

Along With The Thank-You Page… You need A Welcome Email!

Most people miss this one… You need to make sure that you have a thank-you/welcome email set up in an auto-responder software (such as AWeber or GetResponse) to automatically go out after the person has signed up to your list.

This email should just congratulate the customer on downloading the freebie, and give them a link to the download page if they couldn’t download it earlier. It is also a good idea to let them know again that they have also signed up to receive email correspondence from you!

It is a fact that people buy people, and if you cultivate your list in such a way that they feel fantastic being there, then they will stay forever. Imagine that they are a friend that you are welcoming to a party, and helping out with some freebies, before asking for the sale further down the line.

The Next Steps…

The general rule is to never let the customer sit without contact from you – and at the same time don’t email them everyday so that they get annoyed! The optimum time is between 2-3 days between emails. If you have no products to sell, then get your hands on a freebie to give out to your list to keep them warm.

Make sure that you are constantly adding value to your list at this point. Operate on a basis of adding value (via a freebie, or some free information) three times before asking for the sale. 

Make sure to never go quiet to your list, no matter how big or small it is!

Quick Tip: How about doing a JV and letting somebody else email your list if you get a cut of the sales?

Use A Fantastic Piece Of Software For Webpage Customization

Using a powerful piece of software to build your website pages that is easy to operate will save you bucket-fulls of time and stress!

We have found a fantastic piece of software that will integrate with a WordPress site, and can have a landing page built in 10-15 minutes. You can even clone landing pages that you have already built and just change the text and picture on the page! If you are a novice page builder, then it has hundreds of pre-built page templates available, and more added each month.

That fantastic piece of software is OptimizePress – Check out our review on the amazing functionality of Optimizepress below:


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Christian Swift

Christian Swift

Christian is the co-founder of The Internet Marketing Place. He is an avid Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur & Writer who enjoys helping others turn their passion into a cash-flowing business online!

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Christian Swift

Christian is the co-founder of The Internet Marketing Place. He is an avid Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur & Writer who enjoys helping others turn their passion into a cash-flowing business online!

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