How to Beat the Competition in Your Niche Market (8 Steps)

How to Beat the Competition in Your Niche Market (8 Steps) | The Internet Marketing Place

The internet is cluttered: that is a fact of life these days.

There are so many websites on the internet – many of whom are selling products in similar niche markets… so how do you stand out in the crowd?

It’s not as complicated as you might think.

Here are 8 steps that if followed, will help you rise to the top of your niche in both sales, and likability:

Step Number #1:  Be the Best

Everything in your business stems from you – your products, the way that you conduct yourself to your business “tribe”, the way that you decide to reach out to your market place and just about every other aspect of your business.

And that is why it is so important that you are continuously developing both yourself, and your business, to ensure that you are at the top of your game, and to be sure that you are the go-to person for your niche market (to solve their problems).

Let’s cut out the fluff – people love quality: they love quality products, quality content, and quality delivery.

And what do they love even more?

A quality product (or service) that will solve their particular problem efficiently and more often than not – swiftly.

So don’t settle for standard in your business. Aim to create the best products/services, aim to have better customer service than anyone else, and above all else, aim to always have your customer at the heart of all that you do.

Greatness always rises to the top – with persistence of course (covered later).

Step Number #2:  Sell More

It is a simple fact that any business runs on sales.

And if you aren’t getting sales, then you don’t have a functioning business (yet).

All the good things in business stem from selling – your business makes money, your customers get the help that they need, you get great testimonials, word gets out, business grows… and everything generally spirals upwards.

So where should you spend more of your time?


I don’t care what niche you are in, you cannot and will not rise to the top without selling something (a lot).

This may seem like a simple fact, but so many people shy away from selling… and they simply won’t be successful if that doesn’t change.

Everybody can sell – you do it all day! From convincing your partner to go out for dinner, to tempting your children to do their homework (with promises of some TV time afterwards) – you are constantly selling each and every day in your life.

In fact, babies are masters of selling. They even get their parents up in the middle of the night to feed and comfort them!

So with the realisation that you can sell, you should do everything in your business with a new-found enthusiasm. From filming content videos, to creating sales pages and getting more people onto your email list.

It is all selling after all!

Step Number #3:  Work With Your Competition, Not Against Them

How to Beat the Competition in Your Niche Market (8 Steps) | The Internet Marketing PlaceHave you ever heard the phrase ‘if you can’t beat them, then join them’?

That phrase is certainly true in a crowded environment like the internet.

Many niche markets these days are so cluttered, that it is almost impossible to find an ‘untapped’ niche and have first-mover advantage.

That means (for most internet marketers) that there will likely be many others selling in your niche, with products very similar to yours.

Now what may initially look like a large challenge, is actually a huge opportunity.

You see, if every marketer is out to profit from their niche, by selling customers in that niche what they need to have a better life, a better garden, or whatever they are after… then in most cases, they will be more than happy to work with others in their niche to make that dream happen.

This is why internet marketing is so powerful – because it is so easy to team up with others in your niche, and work together, for the benefit of all.

So flip that idea of other marketers in your niche always being your ‘competition’ 180 degrees onto its head; and look for ways to work with your competition, to promote each other, and make each other more successful.

In fact, many marketers who are at the top of their niche actively promote others, and in return, they get the same treatment.

Just think of the impact that you could have if you were working with one, two, five, or maybe even twenty others in your niche? Now that’s powerful.

You will never have to be afraid of entering a niche that is “too competitive” ever again!

Step Number #4:  Work Smarter, Not Harder

The title of this step is somewhat thrown around like confetti, but it is so true that I just had to include it!

Working hard does not always make you more successful.

Let me give you another phrase:

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Too many people try harder at something that simply isn’t working, and expect different results.

The real key to success (and getting to the top in your niche) is to work smarter, and not necessarily harder.

Now don’t get me wrong – there is nothing wrong with hard work. In fact, if you don’t work hard at your business, then you will most likely fail!

But what I am getting at is that you need to be decisive about what you do work on, and you need to work on those tasks that are going to move you forward the most in your business.

Have you ever heard of the Pareto principle (also known as the 80/20 rule)?

The rule basically states that there is an 80/20 rule with everything in life – including your business.

So let me give you an example: the 80/20 rule would mean that 80% of your results would come from 20% of your work, and vice versa.

80% of results from 20% of my work?! That sounds far too good to be true doesn’t it?

Well no, actually.

Think about what you do on a daily basis… I bet 80% of your results (in any area of your life) come from 20% of your work.

Well, the key to becoming successful in your business is to ensure that you are working in that 20% as much as you can.

It really is that simple!

Step Number #5:  Take Care of the Basics

Those who succeed in business do the basics well.

Why are they called basics? Because they are the basic route to success.

The maddest thing in the world is when people try to do advanced stuff, before mastering the basics.

I mean what are the chances of somebody mastering the advanced route to success, before mastering the basic route?

Virtually zero.

So make sure that you are focusing on doing the basics well, achieving success, and only then focusing on upping your game and trying the more advanced stuff.

And be sure that you don’t stop doing the basics well, when you start doing the more advanced stuff!

I learnt this lesson very early on when I was working in real estate investments. I had a mentor who was teaching me how to source small properties to invest in, and build up the basics first.

But no, I wanted to go as big as I could – in fact, my first potential deal was to work with an investor and secure the funding for an 18-unit development in North Wales!

You can guess what happened next… the development deal folded, and I hadn’t been building up the basics first – so I didn’t even have the income from small deals to rely on.

Focus on the basics first in your business, get good at them, and in time, you will be at the top of your niche market.

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Step Number #6:  If You Can’t Do Something… Ask!

There seems to be a big hold-up in many civilised societies around asking for help.

Children ask for help all the time: they ask for help with their homework, sometimes with health conditions, sometimes with bullying, the fact that they want a lift to see their friends, and with many other common concerns.

But it seems like when many children grow up into adults, they are suddenly embarrassed to ask for help – whether that is in business, with their finances, or with their personal life.

Why is that?

In my opinion, it is mostly to do with ego, or with the fear of being rejected; but the truth of the matter is that if you are afraid to ask for help in your business, then you will likely fail.

Many of the greatest entrepreneurs on the planet (such as Richard Branson, Alan Sugar and Donald Trump) are happy to confess that they learn something new every day.

In fact, they employ people who are more clever than they are, so that they can benefit from their knowledge, and integrate them into their company – without having to be an expert on everything themselves.

How to Beat the Competition in Your Niche Market (8 Steps) | The Internet Marketing PlaceAnd that’s what makes those great entrepreneurs even more clever than the clever ones themselves!

In your business, make sure that you learn from your competition, your customers, your colleagues and also, yourself.

And if you are unsure of something, then simply ask! For example, you can survey your email list to find out what their deepest concerns are, or you can go to a networking event to find out what is working for others in your niche.

If you don’t ask, then you won’t get!

Step Number #7:  Persistence is Key

There is nothing that you can’t achieve with persistence (unless it defies the laws of physics)!

Persistence is what put man on the moon, it is what has caused many life-savings drugs to be uncovered, and it is what you can harness to make your business a success.

Sometimes things don’t happen as quickly as we want them to; you just have to stick it out until the end comes, and you can collect your reward.

This is extremely important in business, for both achieving success yourself, and for rising to the top of your niche market.

It’s important for you to realise that it’s going to take time to make a success of your business, and it is going to take time to be the best in your field.

When you realise that and fully take it in, then the long hours of blood, sweat and tears spent building your business will become special – because they will all add up to the success of your business.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Persistence pays; so make sure that you keep working hard until your dreams become a reality.” quote=”Persistence pays; so make sure that you keep working hard until your dreams become a reality.”]

Step Number #8:  Go That Extra Mile

What is your primary aim in your business – to make money? To do what you love? To support a good cause?

All of those are great personal aims, and they are great for motivational purposes, but I would argue that the most important aim in your business should always revolve around your customers.

What can you do differently from your competition that will make that extra difference to your customers (and make your business the go-to business in your niche market)?

Perhaps you can add a huge amount of extra value with your products that your competitors simply can’t offer themselves, or maybe your customer service is a notch above your competitors… whatever you decide that is unique to your business, you really need to focus on going that extra mile to differentiate yourself from your competition.

The future of your business revolves around the needs and wants of your customers, so be sensitive to those to steer your business in the right direction.

So over to you, what do you do in your business that sets you apart from your competition?

Christian Swift

Christian Swift

Christian is the co-founder of The Internet Marketing Place. He is an avid Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur & Writer who enjoys helping others turn their passion into a cash-flowing business online!

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Christian Swift

Christian is the co-founder of The Internet Marketing Place. He is an avid Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur & Writer who enjoys helping others turn their passion into a cash-flowing business online!

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