What To Do If You Are Facing Hard Times

What To Do If Desperate | The Internet Marketing Place

  This article is for those who are desperate to make money in Internet Marketing, and may be in a bad financial situation and/or needing help. I have personal reasons for writing this article, as I met a close friend yesterday who has gone downhill financially, and I wanted to write something that would help…

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How To Create A Solid Internet Business Plan

How To Create a Solid Internet Business Plan | The Internet Marketing Place

Thinking of creating an Internet Business? Or do you already own an internet business? In either case, the first item on your list should always be your business plan. In Benjamin Franklin’s own words of wisdom: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”   If you already have a business plan then congratulations! You are…

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Udimi Review | A Great Source of Solo Ad Providers!

  Solo Ads are a great way of increasing the size of your list, and they can often be FAR cheaper than marketing your squeeze page through Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or other types of direct marketing. The only problem with solo ads is finding legitimate sellers online – and not falling prey to ‘Click…

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How To Find A Great Niche Market

Target Niche

Hello there!   Many Internet Marketers struggle with finding the right niche to get into when they start online… You come up with an idea, and then it seems to change more times than you change your clothes! And this is not helped at all by the fact that many beginner internet marketers try to do everything…

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The 3 Biggest Mistakes Internet Marketers’ Make When Creating Their Website

Website Edit

Are you part-way through creating your own website? Here are three simple mistakes to avoid when creating your website that are increasingly common, they will increase the business you get from your website dramatically if implemented!   1.) Change Your ‘Home Page’ For Greater Results   A lot of internet marketers focus on building fantastic squeeze pages to…

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How To Create Enticing Content For Your Blog To Draw Your Customers In!

Blog Ideas

There is no doubt that your blog is an extremely powerful tool to give your customers some free value, and show them what you can offer them. The end goal is to get them to take action and sign up to your email list, where you will sell them your products and/or services. But how do…

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