The Early Days

Having been born into Entrepreneurial families, Joanne and I were always destined to be Entrepreneurs too. Joanne was born and raised in Norwich, Norfolk, whereas I come from Gloucester – some might say that the chances of us meeting are fairly remote!

I first started doing business-related activities back when I was around 14. I still remember my first investing activity which was investing money into a gold mine somewhere abroad (through a close family member)… and I still remember the pain of that investment not working out, and the hard lessons taken away from that experience.

I was also first introduced to internet marketing around the age of 14/15. My mother (also an entrepreneur) took me to a big event in London, at which Brett Mcfall was the main speaker.

Now, Brett was a huge inspiration to me. And when I spoke to him, he allowed me to attend his ‘Warp Speed’ course for free, simply because of my age.

That course is what kick-started my whole journey off. I was just simply amazed by how leveraged the internet is, and the fact that you can really help people in lots of different countries by selling them information products – even while you are sleeping!

And then my school work (and rugby) took over, and the internet marketing books got put back on the shelf… where they stayed.

It wasn’t until Joanne and I met that they were picked up again.


A Chance Meeting

When we first met, Joanne and I were both working in the property industry, packaging up property investment deals to sell on to investors – just on opposite sides of the country! We both were fairly new to the industry, and had had some success, but it was proving a very hard business. In the end, we both decided that it was more beneficial for us to use property simply as an investment strategy – instead of trying to trade property deals as a business.

Seeing as we were so young at the time (both of us were 19), and property was now our long-term investment strategy, we now needed to build a business to get us an income.

We started racking our brains together… what business could we start?

Having had a long discussion about Joanne’s past before we met, we came up with a plan.

Joanne first got into business at the age of 16, and you can guess where she started: internet marketing. In our discussion it transpired that Joanne had actually left school a year early to start up in her property business, and that she had forgotten internet marketing too… just like me.

How ironic it was that we had both had similar beginnings, but we have both forgotten the one area that we originally wanted to create a business in.


Going Back To Our Roots… And Focusing on Internet Marketing

We went back-and-forth about it (as you do with all decisions), but in the end we decided to focus on internet marketing – simply because we both already had the education that we needed to get started and some experience in the industry.

Even though we had our hearts set on a particular industry, we now had a second dilemma. Should we focus on researching and building specific products for a particular niche market, or should we get a few clients under our belt to prove our skills, and to get our business off the ground?

Somewhat madly, we opted for the second option.


Jumping in at the Deep End… With Corporate Clients.

Our first project was helping a company who were teaching others how to invest in Property, and wanted some help with a marketing campaign. We were excited to get our first opportunity, and quickly set up an advertising campaign to support a launch that they were doing.

This was a big first project for us, as collectively both Rob and Mark (the two business partners) were worth £25M+ and had over 350 properties!

Luckily, we had a great result from that campaign. We delivered them 105 sales in 3 days (20% of total sales – and they are a big company with others promoting their launch too!).

Here’s what Rob Moore (Co-Founder of Progressive Property) had to say:

“Christian and Joanne helped us market our most recent product for lead generation using a P&P offer that we had never promoted before. The results they delivered were fantastic, delivering 105 sales in a 3 day launch period. We had never used a paid product during a launch strategy before, but it is definitely a strategy that was helped by their marketing prowess and we’re looking forward to working with them again during our next launch – Thanks guys!” – Rob Moore, Co-Founder of Progressive Property, £25 Million JV Partner.

We were so excited after that first early success, and things started to snowball for us. We started to attract more and more clients – all of whom wanted us to help them market themselves and their company better online to create more sales, and higher profits.


Reaching Out To Help Others

After we successfully helped a few clients increase their presence online (in both large and small businesses), we realised that anybody could do what we did…

Anybody could set up an internet marketing business in an area that they are passionate about, from an idea, or from a particular area of knowledge, which could set them free from an everyday job, and increase their quality of life.

And that is why we set up The Internet Marketing Place: because we are passionate about helping individuals reach financial freedom online, through an internet business that they love.

There is so much potential online, and the number of web visitors is increasing year-on-year; making the opportunities online more and more exciting.


The Future

For the foreseeable future, we will be teaching people how to build a successful business online so that they can have a better quality of life and work in an area that they are passionate about. Our goal is to change as many lives as we can through The Internet Marketing Place, both directly and indirectly through those who we help.

Alongside internet marketing, we have a love of the property industry, and will be expanding our portfolio in the UK in the coming years. We want to expand the charity work that we do within the next five years as well.

On a personal note, I will never stop hitting the gym and having a jamming session with Joanne – me on the drums and her on the saxophone! I know as well that her love of dancing, ballet and modern, will keep her in the dance studio forever!

I hope our story has inspired you to go out there, take action on your dreams and start up your internet marketing business. Success really is there for everyone… it just takes the right knowledge, and hard work.

Best of luck with it all – if there is anything else that you would like to know, then please let us know! 🙂

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