7 Tips to Run a Successful Facebook Page and Get Your Fans Flocking to Buy Your Products!

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Facebook pages are a fantastic way to mingle with your potential customers over the web whilst they are relaxing and socializing with their friends after a hard day’s work. Many businesses turn to them as a great, free way to engage their customers, and to drive traffic to their site (or list) where they can close the sale on their products.

However, since Facebook changed it’s algorithm in March, getting real and lasting results with a Facebook page is becoming harder than ever these days.

Get Customers to Click to Buy Your Products!And turning those who like your page into raving fans who will buy your product can make many feel like they are banging their head against a brick wall (check out our article on these Facebook changes here *)!

So to keep you from tearing your hair out over just how you are going to make your Facebook page a killer lead-generator for your business website, here are our top 7 tips to get those page-likers taking more action!

1.) Get Your Viewers More Involved With Polls, Events and Milestones

Let’s start with the core of the matter – why do people go on Facebook? To socialize of course! Having Polls, Events and Milestones on your page makes it more interactive, exciting and generally more fun. If you are not keeping page viewers entertained on a regular basis, then most people who land on your page and/or posts will just simply click away (you will be lucky to even get a like!).

Imagine that your Facebook page is a party, and that you are the host. You need to be treating your guests in a great manner (which they are accustomed to on a site like Facebook with lots of pretty pictures and distractions), if you expect them to like you enough to want to click through to your website or take any action on your page!

That is why every viewer should feel involved if you are to truly be a great Facebook page host, with lots of people clicking through to your website.

Quick tip: Why not use polls to ask the market (your potential customers on your page) what they want? It is a fantastic tool for product ideas!

2.) Post Frequently and Add Value!

Many Facebook page owners post content on their page once or twice a week and wonder why people do not click through to their website, interact with their page or even stick around.

The simple answer is that they are not adding enough value!

Again, going back to the host at a party idea, if you are sat at the table only speaking one or two words every half an hour then you would be a bit of a boring host! You need to make sure that you are posting frequently, and posting content that adds terrific value to the potential customer for free.

Look, your Facebook page is a fantastic opportunity to showcase what you can do for a customer whilst they are relaxed and at home! Never before the internet could you reach so many potential customers at home and in a happy, relaxed frame of mind and not be too invasive. Take the opportunity and start talking to them, or you are not in the game at all!

3.) Remember to Invite All Your Friends

One very powerful way to get your Facebook page spread further and further into the internet ether is to invite all your friends to like your  Facebook page. 

I am always amazed at just how much support can be summoned by just inviting your friends and family to a page that you have created – just try it! Even if they don’t buy your products, having your friends and family constantly like every post that you make just out of support will act as massive social proof and will also make you feel great!

Quick Tip: Find people on Facebook who are in your business niche and send them a friend request. When you create a new page on Facebook, you can invite them all to like it! They will love to join the party as they will be interested in the subject.

4.) Remember to Tag Names and Be Personable

One of the most powerful ways in which you can appear more personable on a Facebook page is to remember to always tag peoples’ names when you are in conversation with them.

Facebook pages have a name but sometimes it can be hard to tell who runs them, so it can be hard to appear personable to potential customers. Any form of social interaction that you can do, such as always replying to comments by tagging the person’s name, will make them feel more involved and respected as you will be talking directly at them, whether that is an inquiry or just a comment.

I have even seen some page owners state their name in their reply so they get known as ‘Mark’ or ‘John’, but do not actually give their identity away if they don’t want to. This may be something to consider so that you get personally known!

5.) Promote Posts for Greater Reach

Promoting posts has become Target Your Social Media Marketing
an extremely lucrative way to pick up new followers, as they can be highly targeted, and are normally cheaper than other forms of ads. Many users also do not even realize that they are ads and think that they are just normal posts.

This method is an all-time favourite of ours! The trick is to create a post which is highly appealing to your target audience to attract their attention when it is displayed on their news feed. This way, your page will attract lots of views/likes and you will create more of a solid following to speak to!

Make sure to fill in the interests section, and really narrow down on your target market when you promote the ad for maximum results!

6.) Host Competitions

There is nothing greater that will get people excited than the chance to win a freebie! Make sure that you host frequent competitions to keep your viewers involved and excited to follow your page.

The freebies that you give away don’t have to cost you money, you could give away the free report that you created for use on your website, if they like it then they may even buy a few of your products!

Try and mix things up with lots of different prizes and make sure that you announce your competitions with plenty of notice so that you get the maximum number of people involved. We wouldn’t want the only entrant winning the prize with no competition would we? 😉

7.) Remember to Tell People to Spread the Word

A final tip which will benefit your number of followers is to remind your current followers to spread the word if they like your content! There is no better social proof than a referral, and the potential customers that your current following bring to you will be primed to want to work with you because they have heard that you are good.

You could even create a reward scheme where if a follower on your Facebook page recommends you to another, and the other party ends up buying a product from you, then you reward the initial follower financially or with some free training.

Great things happen in Win/Win situations!

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Christian Swift

Christian Swift

Christian is the co-founder of The Internet Marketing Place. He is an avid Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur & Writer who enjoys helping others turn their passion into a cash-flowing business online!

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Christian Swift

Christian is the co-founder of The Internet Marketing Place. He is an avid Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur & Writer who enjoys helping others turn their passion into a cash-flowing business online!

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