The 3 Biggest Mistakes Internet Marketers’ Make When Creating Their Website

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Are you part-way through creating your own website?

Here are three simple mistakes to avoid when creating your website that are increasingly common, they will increase the business you get from your website dramatically if implemented!


1.) Change Your ‘Home Page’ For Greater Results


Website EditA lot of internet marketers focus on building fantastic squeeze pages to convert their readers into prospects on their email list which they can sell to; but they are forgetting the most prime real estate of all, their HOME PAGE!

Most visitors who land on your website will land first on your Homepage, whether they have come from a search engine such as Google, or whether they have come from a forum or a social media site such as Facebook. It is fairly safe to say that your Homepage is the page on your site which will receive the most traffic over a prolonged basis, and that is why it is so important for your homepage to be put to use in the best way possible.

Flicking around the Internet, it is so common to see a website which just has ‘Welcome to our website!’ on the Homepage. These websites are missing out on a real trick, and in most cases visitors will just click the back button on their web-browser if they came from a search engine.

So what is the key to having a fantastic Homepage which is an asset to your business, instead of a dead-boring waste of time?

In short you must capture the visitor’s attention and get them to stay on your website.

A fantastic way to put your Homepage to use is by using it as a Squeeze page. Offer visitors value as soon as they land on your Homepage and give them a freebie to get them to sign up to your email list. We call this an ‘Ethical Bribe’ in the trade as you are offering them free value in return for their email address. This way, you will have a way of contacting them, even if they leave your website.

Top Tip: A great way to get right in front of your viewers, and also have a higher chance of them opting in to get your freebie, is to put a video on the Homepage of your website. This is the most personable interaction you can have with your viewers behind actually interacting with them personally, and it will reflect in the huge increase you will get in conversions with a great video on your Homepage!

2.) Make Your Whole Website About Them, Not You!


Think Outside The BoxHave you ever been to a presentation about a topic, and the speaker opens by talking about themselves for the first 15 minutes before giving you any valuable content?

The bored feeling you feel listening to somebody else talk about themselves is the same phenomenon that happens on most people’s websites!

When you land on some websites, they immediately go into depth about what they have achieved, when they started up as a company, and what they have done.

It is the common ‘we, we, we…’ phenomenon, and sadly they are ‘wee-ing’ all over their potential clients!

If your website is always based around your client, and ads value from the start of the relationship, then you will see dramatic increases in your sales figures accordingly. When you sell a product or a service you are fixing a client’s problem for them, and that is why if you only talk about yourself during the process before-hand, then your client won’t be jumping up and down to work with you.

You need to speak to them in their language – your client had a headache that needs solving, and they need to know where to go to get it solved NOW!

Your website needs to speak to them directly from the start of the relationship. Try and withdraw from telling them about your company and why you formed upfront, and state clearly which problems you can solve for them or their business. Giving away a freebie is also a great way to add to this, as when they use your freebie (which cures their headache), they will trust that you can do the job for all of their headaches (you can read more about curing your customer’s headaches, and just how to do that here:

If you still want to put a bit on there about your company, then put it in a separate tab on the navigation bar where at least they have clicked on it to see it!

3.) Optimise Your Site For Mobile Users

This is one a lot of website owners forget.

The world is getting busier and busier, and more and more people are turning to their mobile phones to flick through Google on the move. The benefits to them are obvious: they can access the internet wherever they like and whenever they like, whether they are on a train (providing they still get signal! 🙂 ), or whether they are up a mountain.

Many site owners embrace the idea of mobile marketing, but have still not fully optimised their website for mobile users.

When a site is optimised, the content of the website is re-ordered to fit nice and neatly within the mobile phone’s browser. This stops the viewer having to constantly zoom in on a webpage in order to see the content on the site.

Many site-building tools such as Optimizepress (check out our review here! – and Kajabi automatically re-structure your webpages to suit mobile users, so if you use either of these site-building tools them you are likely to be fine, but it is definitely a good idea to check your site.

To check your site, simply visit it on a mobile phone and see whether the site is nicely ordered, or whether you have to zoom in to actually see any of the text.

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Christian Swift

Christian Swift

Christian is the co-founder of The Internet Marketing Place. He is an avid Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur & Writer who enjoys helping others turn their passion into a cash-flowing business online!

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Christian Swift

Christian is the co-founder of The Internet Marketing Place. He is an avid Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur & Writer who enjoys helping others turn their passion into a cash-flowing business online!

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