15 Places To Find Awesome Blog Content Ideas

15 Ways To Find Awesome Blog Content Ideas | The Internet Marketing Place


A few months back we wrote a post about how to write enticing content for your blog to draw your customers in; and now we want to show you a few places that you can check out to get ideas for your blog content.

Let’s face it, thinking up content ideas for your blog can be hard at times – especially if you have had a late night before!

It is always useful to have a list of resources that you can come back to and get inspiration for your ideas, and to keep a tab on the market and what they want to hear about. As they are really your most important readers! 🙂

So let’s get started… Here is you list of 15 places to get great, niche-related content ideas:


1.) Niche-Related Forums

Probably my favourite place to get blog ideas is on niche-related forums. These websites are just fantastic for finding out what your market want to hear about, so that you can tailor your content to their needs.

To find forums related to your niche, simply do a Google search with ‘Niche Keyword + Forums’ which should come up with a few. Try and look on the most popular forums in your niche to get the most up to date questions from your market, and to find the best content-creation inspiration!

2.) Yahoo Answers

We use Yahoo Answers in a similar way to niche-related forums, as it is another great place to find out what questions your target market are asking.

Simply go through the markets on the sidebar until you find your niche, or type in questions in the search bar to see how many other have asked that particular question. You can then assess what questions people are asking , and you can even direct the viewers to your blog post that answers their question!

The beauty about Yahoo Answers is that it is a great place to find blog ideas, but also your answers will stay there forever, leaving a link back to your website.

3.) Facebook

Facebook is an absolutely fantastic resource that you can use to tap into your niche market, and what they want.

The real benefit of Facebook comes through Facebook groups and pages. Sign up to several groups in your niche and see what the hot topics are to find some absolute gems of blog ideas.

It is also a good ideas to like the Facebook pages of your competitors in the marketplace; that way you can see what they are up to, and see what engagement they are getting from their fans for certain content. Let them do the testing – and view the results on their page!

4.) Twitter

Twitter is as a fantastic resource as Facebook is, and it is very easy to see what is trending, and what is hot in the marketplace due to the use of hashtags (#).

Use the ‘Search’ section of Twitter and type in hashtag words that are related to your niche – for example #internetmarketing for the internet marketing niche. You can now scroll down the tweets and see what content is trending highly – so you can create something on the same topic with your spin on the matter.

10 Places To Find Awesome Blog Content Ideas | The Internet Marketing Place

The ‘Discover’ section of Twitter is also a great place to keep up-to-date with the latest and greatest that you have followed on Twitter. This section shows you the equivalent of your ‘News Feed’ on Facebook, and is a great place to check to see what the big boys are tweeting about.

5.) Delicious

Delicious is an awesome website for finding out what is trending, and you can use it in a similar way to Twitter.

Simply go on the ‘Discover’ tab on the left-hand side to discover links to popular posts or topics in your chosen niche. You can also add links to your favourite sites (niche-related) so that Delicious has more of an idea of what to recommend to you. Awesome right? 🙂

6.) Bottlenose

Bottlenose is a great website that analyses all of the main social networks to see what is trending in your niche.

You can use the Bottlenose search feature to search in your particular niche for some cracking content ideas!

It is not free however, and you will have to contact the team to sign up for an account. But is is sure money well invested!

7.) Surveys

Surveys are, in our opinion, one of the best ways to find out what your market want to hear about. Just think about it – who better to ask to find out your market’s questions than your market themselves?

There are two survey providers that we recommend – either SurveyMonkey, or KwikSurveys.

SurveyMonkey is a paid service, but they have fantastic functionality. KwikSurvey offer free surveys (for life), but they don’t have the same functionality of SurveyMonkey.

Send a survey out to your email list, or your social media following and ask them what their most pressing questions are! 🙂

8.) Niche-Related Blogs

It is a good idea to keep an eye on other blogs in your niche to see what they are up to.

One of the best tactics is to scroll through the list of posts on a particular popular blog in your niche and see which posts have had the highest engagement from the market. The topics of these posts will be very good topics to produce your own blog posts on as they will be red hot, and the market will love them!

9.) Factbrowser

Factbrowser is a data search engine which offers awesome niche-related facts; just type in your niche or topic in the search bar to have a go.

These facts can be great for inspiring blog posts, and will give you some great information and statistics to back up your ideas!

10.) Topsy

Topsy is a website similar to Bottlenose, which allows you to analyse the social web – but Topsy is free!

It has a FANTASTIC search feature that allows you to type in your niche market, and then Topsy will then draw up the number of tweets in the past 4 days, influencers in the market, popular links, photos, videos and more!

Topsy is a stellar site that we use all the time to assess the social media field, and to find popular topics to write about in our blog posts.

Topsy | The Internet Marketing Place

11.) LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups can be very niche-related, and can be a great place to check to see what is popular at the moment.

Use these groups the same way as Facebook groups to discover hot topics to blog about!

12.) YouTube

YouTube is a great resource to be leveraged when looking for blog content ideas.

Look for viral videos (and highly-rated) videos on YouTube in your target market, as these are the topics which they love to hear about. Follow others in your niche on YouTube and track which of their videos are the most popular. All of these pointers will give you a good idea of what the most popular topics in your niche are at the moment.

13.) Google Trends

Google Trends is a great place to find out what is hot in your chosen niche and/or market.

You will be able to find some hot topics here – even if you just make a blog on recent news in your niche or market!

14.) Google Keyword Suggestions

Google is a powerful tool that can be massively leveraged for your benefit!

Get onto the Google Keyword Planner (You will have to sign up for a Google Adwords account), and type in your niche market as a Keyword to see what ‘suggested Keywords’ Google recommends. These Keywords may give you ideas for your next blog post, as people are commonly typing them in on Google!

You can also use Google Suggest to give you good content ideas. You can see Google Suggest when you start typing in a phrase on Google, and Google comes up with a list of suggested phrases. These phrases are regularly searched, and may offer some insights into hot topics to blog about.

Google Suggest | The Internet Marketing Place

15.) Quora Digest Questions and Blog Posts

Quora is an emerging website online which is picking up a large following. Both main parts of the website will be fantastic for blog content ideas – Questions and Blog Posts.

You can use the ‘Questions’ section in Quora in a very similar way to Yahoo Answers – search your niche or topic in the search bar, and follow relevant topics to see what your market are asking.

The ‘Blog Posts’ section is also very interesting. Follow those in your niche to see which parts of their content marketing strategy are performing the best, and to get ideas!

16.) (BONUS POINT!) Take a Break, Go Somewhere Beautiful & Be Inspired!

Sometimes, all you need to do is take a break, get out of your office and take a walk!

Seriously… the amount of times that Joanne and I have gone out for a walk and then suddenly thought up our next blog idea is unbelievable.

Get outside, get refreshed and you will have a whole load of fresh ideas when you next sit down at your desk!Get Outside | The Internet Marketing Place

So there you have it – 15 ways to find awesome content ideas for your blog!

If you have enjoyed this article, or if it has helped you, then please take a minute to join the conversation by leaving a comment below, and by sharing this article with your friends!

Speak Soon! :)

Christian & Joanne

Send us your questions to yourquestions@theinternetmarketingplace.com – we would love to answer them!

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Christian Swift

Christian is the co-founder of The Internet Marketing Place. He is an avid Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur & Writer who enjoys helping others turn their passion into a cash-flowing business online!

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Christian Swift

Christian is the co-founder of The Internet Marketing Place. He is an avid Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur & Writer who enjoys helping others turn their passion into a cash-flowing business online!

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