10 Ways To Stay Motivated To Succeed in Your Internet Business

10 Ways To Stay Motivated To Succeed in Your Internet Business | The Internet Marketing Place


Building a business is an amazing feat – it takes an idea, careful planning, and a whole load of effort!

And that effort is certainly worth it in the end.

One of the main challenges for many that can crop up when building a business online is learning how to stay motivated to succeed and not give up when times get tough.

It can be hard, that’s for sure. But it goes without saying that those who succeed are the ones who are able to battle through the hard times and make it through to success (which always lies after failure, knock-backs and hardship).

There are many pros and cons to having an online business. The positives are huge: you can pick your hours, make money online in a leveraged manner, and make money in an area or profession of your choice that you enjoy.

However, one of the main cons is that it can be hard to stay motivated when you can spend a lot of time alone in front of a computer building your business in the early days.

So to keep you operating on top form, we have compiled a list of our top 10 tips to stay motivated to succeed in your internet business:

1. Re-Discover Your ‘Why’

We all have our reasons for doing things, and if those reasons are lost in the day-to-day grind, then it can be very easy to forget why we are doing something in the first place – which can lead to confusion and a lack of motivation to continue.

Remembering and re-discovering the reasons why you started your internet business in the first place can be one of the most powerful processes that you can take yourself through to stay motivated.

Do you want more time with your children? Do you want to pay off your mortgage? Visit your relatives abroad, or simply have more time to wander around your garden?

I suggest that you make a list of all of the reasons why you do what you do, and stick it next to your desk or place of work. That way, you will constantly be reminded why you do what you do, and who else may miss out if you do not keep on going.

2. Take a Break!

Sometimes simply taking a break from work, whether for a few hours or a few days, can be the best thing that we can do to get inspired and top up our ‘motivation fund’.

It can be easy to bury our head in work and forget about why we are actually doing things, and this may even cause us to stray from our business plan. Taking a break will give you adequate time to re-think your strategy, take a breather and go back to work (working smarter, and not necessarily harder).

Besides, taking a break also helps to reduce the risk of burnout, which is to be avoided at all costs if you want to be in your business long-term!

3. Review Your Goals

Go back over your old goals, cross out which ones are not relevant anymore, and make new goals for the future.

Goal-setting is an extremely common habit for the10 Ways To Stay Motivated To Succeed in Your Internet Business | The Internet Marketing Place successful, as goals are a fantastic way to keep yourself motivated, and furthermore, they can act as a powerful measure of the success that you have achieved (something to celebrate!).

Be sure to create goals in every area of your life, as well as your business. I like to follow John Demartini‘s system of splitting life into 7 areas: Vocational, Financial, Familial, Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Social. Be sure to set goals for each of these 7 areas to ensure that you are leading a well-balanced life, and moving forward in every area of life.

4. Tidy Up Your Workplace

There is nothing more demotivating than a messy desk! I mean, how can anybody expect to be efficient in their business if their workplace looks like a pig-sty?

Giving your desk the once-over is one of the most powerful things that you can do to stay motivated. The act of clearing your desk will help declutter your mind and get you refocused, and the extra space will mean that you can actually write without having to balance your paper on top of everything else!

It’s something simple that you can do in a couple of minutes, but you will thank yourself for it endlessly when it is done!

5. Reward Yourself For Achievement

Humans are motivated by either escaping from pain or heading towards pleasure, and it is sure nicer to be motivated by the latter!

Be sure to reward yourself when you get something done in your business. It is a fun process, and it will keep you motivated to want to achieve even more.

Rewards don’t have to be big, maybe a trip to the cinema with your partner after a hard week at work, or a bottle of wine in the evening when you finish a big project. Just don’t spend so much time thinking up your rewards that you don’t get any work done – it is easy to do! 🙂

6. Establish a Routine

The most successful people in life live a very balanced life with a routine.

10 Ways To Stay Motivated To Succeed in Your Internet Business | The Internet Marketing PlaceHaving a routine will enable you to achieve in your business to your highest standards, but also keep all the other areas of your life in check as well. It is very easy to let other areas in life slip when you are focused on your business, such as friendships, time off or keeping fit, but these things are extremely important to maintaining a healthy balanced life.

As if you don’t have your health, then what is the point in having an amazing business online?

Get a routine that suits you and your business, and you will be able to stay motivated in knowing that you are moving forward in a balanced manner.

7. Cut Out the Negative

Negative people and situations can be very draining, and can leave us feeling demotivated and sapped of energy, or life in general!

If you endeavour to cut out (or reduce time with/in) negative people and situations, then you will find that your energy levels rise, and you will feel a lot more positive overall.

Granted, it can be hard to reduce time with negative people if they are your family members, or if you have to work closely with a negative individual over a sustained period of time. In that case, it is best to try and reduce the time that you have to be exposed to their negativity. Even if you cut out 30 minutes a day what you would have spent with a negative person, then you will feel a lot better!

8. Mingle With Like-Minded Individuals

Going to events or networking online with like-minded individuals is a fantastic way to give yourself momentum, and to sustain your motivation to succeed.

When we meet others who have what we desire in life, or who are on a similar path, we cannot be anything but motivated! So be sure to ‘stay close to the fire’ and head to networking events or online forums regularly to keep your fire burning inside!

“We are the average of the 5 people that we spend the most time with” – Jim Rohn

9. Exercise Regularly & Eat Healthily

Everything that we do starts with our body and mind – from getting up in the morning, to producing our best work. And that is why it is so essential that we look after our health.

Getting regular exercise and sticking to a healthy diet is a must for anybody with an internet business. We can spend a lot of time in front of a computer, which is very hard on the eyes, and not hard enough on the body!

Take up a sport that you enjoy, go for a run or do some form of exercise at least 2-3 times a week; that way, you will not accidentally turn into a couch potato before you know it!

Physical exercise releases endorphins into our body which lifts our mood, and healthy eating makes us feel better generally, so staying motivated to succeed will be a lot easier if you look after the state of body and mind, and treat yourself kindly.

10. Treat Work Seriously

We internet business owners are very lucky, we can work in our dressing gown, pick the hours that we work and enjoy every minute of it.

But to stay motivated over a long-term period, we need to make sure that we are taking our work seriously, as it is our livelihood after all.

It is best to find something that works for you, but Joanne and I personally find it hard to be focused while working if we have a lazy morning and are still in our dressing gown when we start work. Therefore, we have made a rule that no dressing gowns are allowed when work starts!

It may sound crazy, but it works for us. 🙂

Find the areas in your business life where you can find the perfect balance between being as comfortable as possible, and treating work seriously enough to be productive.

This seems to be an area that a lot of internet business owners don’t think about, but day-to-day productivity really is the key to long-term success. And if you can enhance that, then you will be more motivated, and enjoy more success long-term.

So, that brings us to the end of our crash-course in staying motivated to succeed!

We hope that you have gained some valuable information from this article that you can implement into your working life to achieve greater results from your business.

Do you have any other personal rituals that you use to keep yourself motivated and inspired to be successful in your business?

Drop us a Comment and Let Us Know Below! 🙂

Christian Swift

Christian Swift

Christian is the co-founder of The Internet Marketing Place. He is an avid Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur & Writer who enjoys helping others turn their passion into a cash-flowing business online!

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Christian Swift

Christian is the co-founder of The Internet Marketing Place. He is an avid Internet Marketer, Entrepreneur & Writer who enjoys helping others turn their passion into a cash-flowing business online!

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